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I'm a full time working dad that tries to keep up with technology. I want to haev this blog to share about my life, my journey, places I visit, lifestyle, technology, beauty, business and other topics. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Iris Wealth Management Ltd

Iris Wealth Coaching is a program that helps people transform their relationship with money, and their relationships with their community. Iris’s mission to empower people with wealth is to move it from an economic perspective to social justice. Through this program, she helps people transform their relationships with money, their families, and their communities.

IRIS WEALTH MANAGEMENT LTD, a private limited company, is based in LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM). It was established on 13 August 2021. It has its registered office at City Road in London. The company’s next annual accounts are due on 13 May 2023. The company does not have any mortgage charges and has no previous names. Its shareholding ranges from seventy-five to one hundred percent.

After 15 years of serving clients as a top-level manager, Iris Buczkowski started the firm. Her experience in the financial industry led her to create a firm that focuses on ensuring that families have the best quality of life. The firm offers comprehensive wealth management and investment advisory services. The CNY Business Journal recently named Buczkowski a top 40-under-40 woman in business.