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Vintage Travel Stickers

Vintage Travel Stickers – Add Some Vintage Flair to Your Suitcase

Add some vintage flair to your suitcase with these travel stickers. Choose from an array of designs and styles to find the ideal fit for all of your traveling needs.

Luggage labels, or luggage tags as they were commonly known, have a colorful history. At their inception they were simply plain paper labels attached to bags to indicate travelers’ destinations and the name of their hotel or boarding house. Over time however, luggage labels became increasingly sophisticated as air travel became commonplace during the 1920s and ’30s.

They were often beautifully illustrated and artistically printed, often considered art forms themselves. Some even featured gold or silver foil embossing – an innovative technique of the early 20th century!

The most desirable labels were typically produced by a well-known hotel or resort. These labels served as a testament to the hotel’s success, serving as an indication of its status and future prospects.

Most of these labels were created by renowned artists, like Dan Sweeney who created some of the finest travel labels of their era. Some were heavily inspired by famous travel posters while others showcased the artist’s own creativity and were likely meant to impress or motivate.

Some designs even made use of features on airplanes themselves, like the large door window that opened to the interior. It was an effective way to promote your hotel or resort to potential customers and marked a huge improvement from the small and tattered labels of yesteryear!

Though these labels are less common today, you can still purchase some on the internet or at flea markets. Prices for original copies of well-known labels range anywhere from several hundred dollars for an exact replica to several thousand dollars for collectible art pieces.

The beauty of these labels is that they were once a novelty item and have been preserved for posterity by passionate collectors who will happily pay you for one of these unique mementos from the past!