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Miss Fortune Runes Aram

Runes ARAM Guide – Building Miss Fortune in Runes: ARAM

You’ll need to have critical strike and attack damage items if you want to play Miss Fortune. Her Strut ability gives her bonus attack speed. This is helpful because she doesn’t have to spend much time building attack speed. Other great attacks for Miss Fortune are Stormrazor and Infinity Edge. Both have scaling stats that are great against balanced enemies and squishies. In the late game, you can also use her ultimate, Bloodthirster.

Miss Fortune’s Love Tap passive in ARAM is particularly useful because she can often cause it to be triggered. It’s also particularly effective in crowded areas, where she can deal massive poke damage. It can slow enemy champions and allow her to get closer to the target. She’ll also be a great addition to any team if you play as an ADC.

Miss Fortune is a powerful damage dealer and has an excellent attack damage passive. Unlike most AD Carriers, it allows her to deal damage to multiple targets at once. Her Bullet Time ability allows her to deal damage to enemies. It can be a powerful tool for gaining experience and leveling.

Another useful tool is Bullet Time, which deals a massive amount of damage. This ability can be used to start a battle if you are close enough to an enemy. This will allow Miss Fortune to move faster. It also deals 20+5% bonus physical damage. This ability can be easily lost if your opponents have crowdcontrol.