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Who Starred the Fire in the Kelly Monaco House?

In the aftermath of the Kelly Monaco house fire, the public was left wondering: Who started the fire? A cigarette butt, a frying pan, a candle, or even a lighter can cause great devastation. Kelly gave the footage to police, and investigators found that the fire was not intentionally started. But while Kelly has been a part of some wild stories, she remains a fan favorite.

The fire started as a cigarette, and when firefighters were attempting to put out the fire, the general hospital star awoke to find her home and yard on fire. Thankfully, she was able to escape without injury. The fire is believed to have started when a pedestrian threw a butt of cigarettes onto the ground next to her house. It spread quickly from there, spreading to the yard and left side of the home.

Although Monaco escaped the blaze unscathed, the house will be rebuilt. Arson investigators looked at the security footage and determined that the cigarette butt was intentionally set off. She will not be able to return to Sherman Oaks for a while. In the meantime, she’ll be staying in an Airbnb while she rebuilds. What will her new home look like? We will have to wait and see what happens to General Hospital fans.

Although the fire shook Kelly Monaco’s Sherman Oaks house, she was able to escape it without any serious injuries. Carmina Monaco, her mother, said that her daughter was able get back to work after the fire. What about the homes around the neighborhood? The fire saved the family’s lives and they wouldn’t be celebrating today. The tragedy has touched many lives, including Kelly’s.

The fire that destroyed the Kate Monaco house was started as a cigarette lighter. It spread quickly and damaged large areas of the house. Monaco was able to survive with minor pulmonary irritation. The house sustained damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She won’t be allowed to return to her home for quite some time. If the fire is the result of arson, her home may be destroyed for good.

The blaze in the Kelly Monaco House has left many wondering who is to blame. The actor is currently recovering from the fire, although the cause of the fire is not yet known. After the fire, he returned to the set six days later. He was then replaced by Lindsay Hartley. The rumor mills continued to fly in the wake of the fire. Kelly Monaco was able to post photos of her friends and family on Instagram, even as all this took place.