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Sergio Garcia Vs Carlos Fortuna on Saturday on DAZN

Sergio Garcia makes his return after a 15-month layoff. He is undefeated with 18 knockouts in 22 fights. His most recent fight was a decision over Emmanuel Tagoe in April. Fortuna, on the other hand, gave JoJo Diaz a good fight. Other fighters on the undercard include Alexi Rocha, Lamont Roach Jr., and David Jimenez.

Garcia’s last fight was against Emmanuel Tagoe and he looked poised and confident in the ring. He battered his opponent in the second and tenth rounds and was almost sent to the mat twice. This should give him the edge in a fight with the WBO titleholder.

The oddsmakers have given Fortuna a -1400 favorite over Garcia. Previously, he was a +600 underdog. With his height and age disadvantages, Fortuna needs to make the fight scrappy and counter Garcia’s big punches.

Fortuna turned pro in 2009 and holds the WBA interim featherweight title. He also holds the WBA super featherweight title. However, he has only fought five times since turning professional. He had an impressive amateur record of 215-15 before turning pro. The fight was originally scheduled for January 2021, but was delayed due to Fortuna’s hand surgery.

Fortuna was knocked down by a right hook in the second round. Fortuna fought hard to stay in the fight, but Garcia’s check hook was the difference in the fight. He put Fortuna on the canvas twice in the fifth round and twice in the sixth round before he surrendered and the fight was over.

In addition to Garcia’s fight against Fortuna, another polarizing bout will take place on Saturday on DAZN. Garcia has over 15 million followers on social media, and is a leading name in the sport. He has been said to be a victim of misunderstood rumors due to his popularity. The sportbook odds reflect this fact. At -1200 on the moneyline, Garcia is the favorite to win by knockout.

Garcia’s second fight of the year was more successful than his first. In the sixth round, the two knocked each other out. The first knockdown was the result of a body shot, and the second was a hook to the head. After being on one knee in the fourth round, Fortuna was given a 10-count by the referee, meaning Garcia knocked him out.

Rodriguez has the better shots and is more consistent in his punches. Roach gets the better of Rodriguez’s body shots and lands some powerful shots. The round finishes with a unanimous decision. While the fight was close, both fighters fought hard. The first round was an even contest.