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Courtney Love Kill Kristen Pfaff

Did Courtney Love Kill Kristen Pfaff?

Did Courtney Love kill Kristen Pfaff? This is a question we hear a lot from fans, and there are a few theories that explain why. The actress was an autistic child who was high-functioning and was fed hallucinogens from her father. When she was a child, her mother abandoned her and she spent her formative years in a drifter.

The mystery surrounding the death of Kristen Pfaff has been debated for years. Courtney Love’s former bandmate was found dead in her apartment in 1994 after a heroin overdose. Courtney Love was also linked to heroin abuse, as was Kurt Cobain. While some believe Love is acting out of character and not attempting to murder Kristen Pfaff, others think she is attempting to do so.

Pfaff was killed by Love, according to some. She was jealous of Cobain’s relationship with Love. Pfaff, who dated Kurt Love for years, was a recovering drug addict. She had been addicted to heroin her entire life and was determined that she would die from the drug. She may have been afraid to love. Her boyfriend had even bought her two one-way tickets out of fear of her. Her autopsy was conducted by Dr. Nicholas Hartshorne, Love’s friend and long-time colleague. Kurt Love had already been autopsied by the doctor. He’d declared it a classic suicide.

Another theory has Courtney Love murdering Kurt Pfaff and her ex-husband, Tom Grant. The two had been trying to hire an electrician to install an emergency system in her greenhouse. The electrician who was hired found Kurt’s remains. Kurt’s death has left Courtney Love a widow. Courtney Love’s investigation into Kurt’s death is far from finished.