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Application For Custody In Uganda

Application For Child Custody in Uganda

If you have been the victim of domestic violence or believe your partner will likely abuse you and cause harm to their wellbeing, and thus impact their wellbeing, court proceedings should be taken to apply for sole custody of their children. This will safeguard them against dangers like abuse as well as prevent them from prostitution or child labor being forced upon them. You will need to present proof that this abuse is happening along with compelling reasons as to why sole custody should be awarded in your favor.

If the court believes that one parent is mistreating and neglecting his/her child, they will order that custody be transferred to the other parent. They will take into consideration both parties’ conduct as well as any wishes expressed by the child (if able).

The court can award either sole or joint custody to one parent; each will have an equal role in raising their child. When making their decision, courts consider all aspects of a case’s circumstances such as history of relationship between parents, prior child custody orders or whether any party involved has criminal records.

When dealing with divorce proceedings, courts will consider all issues that led to its dissolution and award either party either sole or shared custody of any children involved depending on what is in their best interests and any evidence provided. They also consider prenuptial agreements made prior to entering divorce proceedings although these tend not to be relied upon by judges.

Uganda courts have the jurisdiction to grant sole or shared custody, depending on which arrangement best serves a child’s upbringing and lifestyle needs. They take into account both UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as Organization for African Unity Charter on Rights and Welfare of Children as applicable, making any necessary modifications according to Ugandan laws.

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, a Ugandan satirical novelist known for writing The Greedy Barbarian has been arrested and taken to a military detention centre without charge, according to his lawyer. Rukirabashaija has long been considered a critic of President Yoweri Museveni and Muhoozi Kainerugaba (whose son some speculate could succeed him as president), whom some have speculated might become his successor as president. According to him attorney Paul Wheary (who wrote The Greedy Barbarian), Rukirabashaija believes he is being tortured, not allowed contact with family or lawyer or family despite calls from PEN International to release immediately so he “danger his life and physical integrity”. Read the entire article here