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Alkegen Application Engineer

Apply to Be an Alkegen Application Engineer

Unifrax, the leading manufacturer of high-performance specialty materials used in advanced applications, has changed to Alkegen and will relocate its corporate headquarters from Buffalo, New York, to Dallas, Texas. Both moves represent Alkegen’s commitment to helping advance customers’ mission-critical systems that save energy, reduce pollution, improve safety for people, buildings, and equipment.

Apply to work for Alkegen today. Alkegen is a global leader in designing and producing high-performance insulation, filtration, and battery materials that save energy, reduce pollution, improve safety for people, buildings, and equipment – saving energy costs while increasing safety standards across multiple industries. Boasting more than 60 manufacturing locations around the globe with over 9,000 employees working for them worldwide – Alkegen provides solutions tailored specifically for various sectors across industry spectrums.

Application Engineers provide engineering, technical service, and customer support for assigned products sold at retail. This individual should have an in-depth knowledge of all portfolio items used across industries and applications scenarios and demonstrate technical expertise when applied. They work closely with internal and external resources (customers/distributors/suppliers) in solving complex application issues.

Establishes and supports fire test programs and key customer projects utilizing sound engineering principles. Designs and evaluates optimal Unifrax passive fire protection systems tailored specifically for customers as well as general customer use. Coordinates product testing with independent test labs before training salespersons, distributors and customers both remotely and directly in person or remote training sessions. Attends industry meetings related to codes and standards creating demand for passive fire protection systems.

Alkegen specializes in cryogenic insulation products designed to meet the stringent demands of its client base, such as liquid oxygen (LOX) and LNG tanks, liquid hydrogen storage vessels (LH2), carbon dioxide storage vessels (CO2) and portable dewars. Their USA-made CryoTherm and CRS Wrap insulation products come in multiple sizes that cover portable Dewars to large LNG and LH2 transport and storage units.