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Blenheim Square Research Hospital

Blenheim Square Research Hospital

11 homes for sale

In October 2022, there were 16 homes for sale in Blenheim Square-Research Hospital, MO. The median listing price was $144,945 and the average time on the market was 59 days. Homes in Blenheim Square-Research Hospital have gone up and down in price. A recent listing was priced nearly 20 percent higher than the previous year.

The neighborhood is moderately walkable with a Walk Score of 52. The neighborhood has a population of approximately 1,354 and 3,264 jobs. When searching for homes for sale in Blenheim Square-Research Hospital, you can narrow down your search based on price or square footage. A local real estate agent will know the neighborhood well and will be able to help you find the perfect home for your needs and budget.

Research Medical Center is located in the neighborhood

The neighborhood around Research Medical Center at Blenheim Square is considered to be walkable. In fact, according to Walk Score, this area is the 56th most walkable neighborhood in Kansas City. The top three walkable neighborhoods in the city are Downtown Loop, Old Westport, and Crossroads. Here’s how to find a walkable neighborhood near this hospital. First, determine the number of people who live in the neighborhood. Then, narrow your search by price range and square footage. And don’t forget to talk to a local realtor – they are experts in the area.

The neighborhood is home to a 590-bed hospital, which is part of the HCA Midwest Division. The hospital is less than two miles from the Research Medical Center-Brookside Campus. This is the same hospital where Roger Gorley, a power of attorney, was evicted from his same-sex partner’s hospital room. The security guards cited Gorley’s disruptive behavior and interference with his partner’s medical care. However, Gorley claimed he was removed because of anti-homosexual discrimination.

Average household income in Blenheim Square – Research Hospital

The average household income in Blenheim Square – The Research Hospital neighborhood is $81,862. This is higher than the national average and below the state average. Residents commute to work by car, trolley bus, or walking to work. This data is compiled from the US Census Bureau’s 2020 American Community Survey. However, the data is not guaranteed to be up-to-date. For the most accurate data, visit the school district’s website or stop by the neighborhood schools in person.

There are 2488 households in Blenheim Square – Research Hospital. Most households consist of two people. The median age is 37. About 28% of households are families, with 62% being female and 10% being male. A household of two people houses an average of 3.68 people.

Walkability ranking in Blenheim Square – Research Hospital

Walkability is a useful tool to measure a neighborhood’s walkability. It shows how easy it is for residents to get from one place to another, and how many miles residents walk each day. Blenheim Square – Research Hospital has hundreds of stores, cafes, and restaurants, as well as several parks and green spaces.

The neighborhood is moderately walkable, with a Walk Score of 52. Residents in Blenheim Square – Research Hospital can choose from a number of properties, including homes for sale and rentals. Homes in this neighborhood can be found for an average price of $134K, and many are available in two-bedroom floor plans.

Besides the buildings themselves, the design of the neighborhood and its features influence its walkability. While urban planning has a big impact on walkability, it’s also important to consider the compactness of an area. Among other factors, compactness factors include FAR, Street Intersection Density, and Block Lengths. Other factors like the Link-to-nodes ratio are not as widely considered as FAR and street length.