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Refrigeration Research

Types of Refrigeration Research in China

Various types of refrigeration research have been conducted to develop new methods of refrigeration for better use of electricity. These include Float evaporators, Suction accumulators, Adsorption refrigeration pairs, Solar collectors, and so on.

Suction accumulators

Several years ago, there were several commercially available suction accumulators that were designed to do something. They sounded cool, but their actual efficacy was dubious. They were designed with an orifice that was too small to hold a liquid refrigerant for long, and needed a mechanism to re-evaporate it.

A company called Refrigeration Research, Inc. is the maker of the aforementioned nifty gizmo. They’ve been producing hundreds of thousands of suction accumulators over the years, and have a catalog full of them. A suction accumulator is an accumulator that holds liquid refrigerant temporarily. It acts as a filter drier and ensures that the liquid returns to the compressor at the correct rate.

The company claims the aforementioned nifty gizmo has been field tested in hundreds of thousands of installations. They also claim the most comprehensive line of suction accumulators in the industry.

Adsorption refrigeration pairs

Several Adsorption Refrigeration pairs have been studied in recent years. This research has spanned a wide variety of applications from new energy to chemical engineering.

Adsorption refrigeration pairs can be grouped into three categories. They can be either chemical or physical sorbents. Chemical sorbents include metal oxides, hydrides, hydrogen and ammonia. Physical sorbents include silica gel and chlorides.

The performance of an adsorption refrigeration system is based on the adsorbents used. The adsorbent material should be distributed over the heat exchanger’s surface to ensure efficient mass transfer. It is important to select an adsorbent/adsorbate pair with a high sorption capacity.

The adsorption refrigeration cycle is an energy-efficient technology that has potential applications in waste heat recovery and new energy. It uses environment-friendly refrigerants. It is also a viable cooling solution that avoids ozone depletion.

Solar collectors

Various types of solar collectors for refrigeration research have been utilized. These include evacuated tube collector, transpired solar air collector, and a fin-tube structure. The evacuated tube collector is the most common type of solar collector and is effective in cloudy conditions.

The transpired solar air collector is a new solar heating technology that is typically mounted on the south side of a building. These collectors typically use dark-colored perforated metal cladding to absorb the sun’s energy. This creates a trade-off between the cost of installation and the amount of heat that can be captured.

In contrast, concentrating solar systems are more complex and can produce extremely hot fluids. However, they can also produce a large amount of energy for each dollar invested.

The main design parameters include the size of the solar tank, the number of collectors, and the water flow rate through the collector. Sensitivity analyses are used to determine the optimal system configuration.

Float evaporators

Float evaporators in refrigeration research are devices which maintain a constant level of liquid refrigerant in an evaporator. They can also be used to control the flow of refrigerant material into the evaporator.

High-side floats are positioned at the high pressure side of an evaporator. They open and close in response to the liquid level in the evaporator. They are usually replaced by electronic high-pressure float valves.

Low-side floats are located at the low pressure side of an evaporator. The float assembly includes a needle valve. It is positioned in a separate chamber and is coupled to the balance pipe in the shell. This helps to ensure that the mass flow of refrigerant is controlled.

In falling film evaporators, the liquid is sprayed onto the outside surface of the tube bundles. This is effective for liquids with low suspended solid concentrations. However, they are not as effective for liquids with higher suspended solid concentrations.

Famous refrigeration equipment

Among the myriad Chinese refrigerator manufacturers, Guangzhou Wanbao Group Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise with a registered capital of 330 million yuan. It has 19 industrial enterprises and four production bases in Guangzhou urban area. The company has earned the title of China’s first refrigeration equipment R & D center.

The company has a total of eight thousand employees and has achieved a global turnover of 200.7 billion yuan in 2014. The company also boasts a total of 8.4 billion yuan in assets. In 2014, the company achieved a year on growth of 2391%, and a total profit of 15 billion yuan. It is now a global leader in the life solution industry, and a global renowned manufacturer of refrigeration equipment.

The company is also a world class supplier of high quality refrigeration equipment and service. Some of its more notable products include its Huaguang line of refrigerator compressors, which were awarded the title of Chinese famous brand.