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People’s Choice Menu

What’s on the People’s Choice Menu?

The people at People’s Choice are a fiesty lot, but the food is tasty. Unlike most places of this kind, they make the effort to get out of the door on time. If you are looking for a burger, a beer or a bowl of curry, you won’t have to go far. They also have a solid happy hour. Whether or not you can score a table is another story. You might want to call ahead to see what’s on the menu.

While the People’s Choice is an institution in its own right, the place has no shortage of options for those looking for a quick bite or something more substantial. The aforementioned mainstay is located at 51c Chatsworth Road, E50LH, London. To get there you can take the tube from the station, bus or taxi. Fortunately, they are open for business Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, they offer an a la carte brunch and an a la carte lunch, all of which are worth a trip to the office. Alternatively, you can always pick up their famous curries on the go at the airport or in the comfort of your own home. Some of the better items are available for delivery via Uber Eats or Foodora. Getting your grub to the door can be a breeze if you’re a member of the Uber One app-enabled family.