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Kinetic Research

Mesa Kinetic Research and Vincent Buckles

Known for its high-end orthotic and prosthetic devices, Mesa Kinetic Research has been a leading source of innovative devices for more than a decade. Their products include the Noodle, a carbon fiber orthotic and prosthetic device, and the Vincent Buckles. These innovative devices have revolutionized the lives of countless patients and are designed to improve the quality of life for those affected by spinal cord injuries.

Mesa Kinetic Research

Mesa Kinetic Research is a high-end manufacturer of AK platform rifles. Founder Vincent Buckles studied firearms at Pennsylvania Gunsmith School and began his professional career in Baton Rouge, LA. He quickly gained a reputation for his mechanical prowess and technical aptitude.


The Noodle by Kinetic Research is a revolutionary ankle-foot orthosis, built from next-generation carbon fiber. It’s ultra-lightweight, flexible, and allows energy to be returned during dynamic motion. It also positions the foot during the swing phase to minimize heel-strike impact and foot slap. The Noodle is available in lateral and medial versions and can be custom-cut to fit any foot.

Carbon fiber orthotic & prosthetic devices

Kinetic Research is a manufacturer of custom carbon fiber orthotic & prosthetic devices. The company was started by Wade Bader, who graduated with a degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics. His goal was to revolutionize the industry and improve the lives of people living with musculoskeletal conditions. In 1994, Bader started his company. Bader’s goal was to create an orthotic device that would help people with CMT feel more comfortable and reduce the likelihood of early failure. The company’s products include the Noodle, a custom-built foot orthosis for people with CMT. The products are made using American materials and labor.

Vincent Buckles

Vincent Buckles has a background in the music industry. He is a former member of Bite the Curb and was associated with Edward Norton in the film American History X. He has worked with companies that build firearms for military and civilian customers. Among those companies are Mesa Kinetic Research and Khyber Pass Tactical.

Mobile devices

Kinetic research using mobile devices (HAR) offers new possibilities for medical and public health research. These portable devices can record objective measurements of physiological activity and have multiple sensors that capture continuous data. Smartphones have sufficient storage capacity, wireless transmission, and powerful processors, making them a valuable asset for collecting and analyzing large amounts of data.