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Ogio Mutant Travel Bag

OGIO Mutant Travel Bag Review

The Ogio Mutant Travel Bag is an extra large golf bag equipped with large wheels and an internal cinch strap designed to keep all of your gear secure and organized. Specifically sized to accommodate Tour-sized bags with ample room left over for accessories like headcovers, rangefinders, gloves, golf balls and additional putters for emergency situations.

This bag is lightweight and easy to maneuver across different surfaces, whether pushed or pulled. The exterior is lightly padded to add some protection for your clubs without becoming bulky or restrictive, and includes dual two-way zippers running along its length for quick access to its contents.

Packing the bag is made easier thanks to the OGIO’s D-loading shape and compression straps that secure its contents in place. Furthermore, its skid plate and rails protect its base. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t fold down into a smaller unit for storage purposes.

As long as you choose an appropriate bag size and pack it strategically, this travel cover can easily meet the needs of a weekend golf trip. What’s great about it is that its light weight means no extra baggage charges when flying; and its durable material means years of use with heavy clubs inside!

This Ogio travel bag for sale online is one of the finest available today, featuring high-quality materials and an attractive design that complements any setting. Furthermore, its spacious interior provides ample room to store all of your possessions – making this an excellent option for travelers and its price point quite reasonable.

OGIO provides a broad selection of travel gear, such as cart bags and backpacks. Their customer service team offers unparalleled support when answering any inquiries about the products they carry; in addition, the company offers benefits to its customers such as limited lifetime warranty coverage and free returns.

OGIO provides a range of sizes to meet the needs of every golfer, from novice to pro. Their comprehensive collection offers everything from the basic bag designs to more advanced solutions; there’s sure to be one perfect for you. No matter if it’s professional golf or just casual enjoyment; with lightweight travel bags from OGIO that won’t stand out at an airport terminal.