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Guilderland Travel Plaza

The Guilderland Travel Plaza

What a perfect place to rest your weary head. This cozy spot allows you to take some time off the road while traversing Albany, Troy and Schenectady. Plus it’s right off I-90 and only minutes away from Albany’s most recognizable landmark: the Empire State Building!

Thruway Travel Plazas

This 27-station complex is one of over 300 food and fuel facilities along the iconic NYS Thruway system. It boasts modern features like parking, bagged ice, diesel fuel and WiFi internet access – with some even featuring a trifecta of food vendors such as McDonald’s, Original Pizza of Boston and Mobil!

The Guilderland travel plaza may not be your first stop when visiting this part of the Capital District, but it’s certainly worth exploring. Whether you’re travelling during peak holiday season or simply need some rest and relaxation after a long day, this tranquil destination will help take your mind off any stresses from everyday life. With our map and directions, getting there is easy in no time!