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How Much Is 26 Grams Of Sugar

As foodies, one of the most frequently asked questions is “How much is 26 grams sugar?” The answer will depend on the density of the ingredient. For example, a teaspoon of sugar contains about 1.4 grams. Some ingredients are more dense than others, which can affect the conversion. The best way to determine how much sugar is in a given quantity is by measuring the quantity by weight.

The standard tablespoon of sugar in the United States equals 14.8 ml (0.50 US Fluid Ounces) to compare the sugar content of different foods. 15 grams of sugar is equal to 0.051 US fluid ounces for a tablespoon in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, it is important to note that sugar content in various food products will vary. Coca-Cola Energy is one example. The caffeine content of the energy-infused beverage is nearly identical to the sugar content in the standard Coca-Cola.

The metric measurement for sugar is grams. These are the same as teaspoons. It is easier to compare the sugar content of different foods by converting grams to teaspoons. Once you know how much sugar a serving is, you can better decide which foods contain the most sugar. If you are worried about your sugar intake, you can also use this information to make healthier choices when it comes to your diet. The chart below shows the sugar content of various sweetened beverages.

The average American consumes 17 teaspoons daily of added sugar. The government recommends that adults limit their sugar intake to less 10 percent of total calories. You can still drink water, vegetable juice, and unsweetened tea if you don’t want to eat a sugary diet. This will curb your desire to eat these foods. It is also a good idea not to eat too many sweets.

If you don’t know how much sugar is in a teaspoon, you can look for hidden sources of the sweetener on a food label. Two teaspoons of sugar will be found in a Quaker chewy Granola Bar with Chocolate Chips. Another example is a cup of apple juice, a container of Yoplait’s original strawberry yogurt, and a single teaspoon of ketchup. In fact, 71 percent of American adults consume more than 10 grams of sugar daily, and higher intakes have been linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death.