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Before And After Plus Size Tummy Tuck

These photos show the benefits of tummy tack, both before and after. These photos are great for many reasons, from giving prospective patients a realistic idea of the outcome to providing a preliminary indication of a surgeon’s experience. They also provide a way for patients to see themselves from a variety of angles. The procedure is not only effective at improving the appearance of the stomach, but it can also improve one’s self-esteem.

For this patient, her goals were to narrow her waist and remove excess tissue that overhung her pubic area. Dr. Repta performed the Plus Size Tummy Tuck. He removed excess fat, skin, tightened abdominal muscles and narrowed her abdomen. Her waist and hips were flatter and smaller after the surgery. The patient’s new look was much better than her prior self-image.

A tummy-tuck is a common cosmetic procedure for those with a larger stomach. It is often done to restore the contours of the midsection. The procedure can also restore muscle strength and stabilize the back. People who are suffering from yo-yo diets can also benefit from the surgery. Although it is important to find a skilled plastic surgeon who has performed this procedure before, many patients are turned down simply because they are too large or too small.

A tummy tuck may improve a woman’s body shape, but it won’t replace losing weight or improving her bikini line. Ultimately, a plus-sized tummy tuck may be a good solution for some patients. This procedure is not cheap. The procedure is unlikely to be covered by insurance. It is not an easy surgery to undergo and will be costly.

The results of plus-size tummy tack may not be immediately apparent. In the weeks immediately following the procedure, patients will experience redness, bruising, stiffness, and swelling. These symptoms will gradually diminish over the next four to six weeks. The remaining swelling may remain for six months or longer. It may take a year to fully heal after a tummy tuck procedure.

A plus size tummy tuck is generally less invasive than a mommy makeover. Mommy makeovers can be performed on multiple parts of the body. Plus size tummy tucks only treat the mid-section. Because of this, the recovery time will be shorter, and scarring will be minimal. However, there are some additional risks of this procedure, which are listed below.