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Ugg Miss Fortune

World of Warcraft Class – Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a high-damage character who thrives in melee combat. Her primary attacks do a lot of damage and her skills are mostly used to finish off opponents or aid her basic attacks. Conqueror is a great rune that helps her deal with more damage and increases her healing.

Miss Fortune is an attack champion but can also be an AD Carrier. This makes her an excellent early-game champion. Her damage is much higher than that of most AD Carriers. Also, her passive is extremely useful, allowing her to deal damage to multiple targets at once. She can also use her auto attacks and Bullet Time to deal damage.

Miss Fortune has a wide variety of ways to proc her ult, including using Double Up. This skill allows Miss Fortune to hit two enemies at once, resulting in two stacks Kraken Slayer. This allows her to always get takedowns, and can also get more AD or physical vamp. This makes her a versatile support character who can also sustain during teamfights. She also gains health from scoring unique takedowns.