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Ingeborg Yacht

After twenty years of sailing the Mediterranean and Holland, the Ingeborg was finally returned to the Mulder yard in ZoeterwoudeRijndijk in the Netherlands. She was transformed from a traditional white hull into a cream-colored superstructure. The subtle changes in hues give her an organic appearance without any embellishments. The seamless transition between the hull and the superstructure is created by the absence of any painted sheer stripes.

She is equipped with two MTU 16V4000 engines and is capable of speeds of up to 32 knots. The yacht can carry five crew members, including the captain’s wife and his wife. She cruised the Mediterranean at a speed of 27 knots in six to eight-foot seas. The ship is equipped with the most recent technology and has a projected top speed 32 knots. Several other models in the same series are planned for the future.