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Georgia Research Alliance

Georgia Research Alliance

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) is a nonprofit organization that coordinates research efforts between public and private sectors. With a network of facilities and resources, it is able to support a wide variety of research initiatives and provides the necessary funding and support for researchers.

Commercialization grants

During the last 20 years, Georgia Research Alliance has invested $2.6 billion in research funding. It was founded as a nonprofit organization to support research at Georgia’s universities. It provides research grants to universities, business counsel, and financial assistance to startups.

GRA launched its venture development program in 2003, which shapes companies around university inventions. It is the only non-profit catalyst for seeding companies in Georgia. It helps universities identify their intellectual property and turn it into a profitable business.

GRA has also helped universities obtain federal grants. For example, it helped fund the development of a master’s program at Savannah State University. It also helped fund the creation of a molecular biology lab at Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

Since its inception, the Georgia Research Alliance has launched more than a hundred companies. The organization’s portfolio companies have raised more than $2 billion in venture capital. In 2017, the companies in its portfolio generated $153 million in revenue. Currently, 88% of the companies are still in business.

Eminent scholars

Founded in 1990, the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming university research into economic growth in Georgia. The organization brings government, business and academia together to foster innovation. Its programs include Centers of Research Excellence, Commercialization, and Venture Development.

GRA’s Eminent Scholars program brings world-class scientists to Georgia’s research universities. More than 60 scholars have been inducted into the program since it began in 1990. They hold endowed chairs at Georgia universities. These scholars receive state and private matching dollars to fund their research. Their discoveries often lead to start-up companies. They often receive hundreds of millions of dollars in grants each year.

Three new GRA Eminent Scholars will be hired at Augusta University to lead research into age-related diseases. They will work on cell-based therapies and diagnostics. They will also anchor research into the immunology of diseases at the Medical College of Georgia. The three scholars will fill three researcher vacancies.

Venture capital

Founded in 1990, the Georgia Research Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring, and business counsel to Georgia researchers at state universities. Its mission is to improve Georgia’s economy through the commercialization of research from Georgia’s universities. Specifically, the organization seeks to invest in life sciences, information technology, and healthcare.

The Georgia Research Alliance Venture Capital Fund provides $30 million in seed capital for early stage companies. The fund, which is operated by the GRA Venture Fund, is a public-private partnership that invests in promising startups that are based on intellectual property from Georgia research universities.

The program provides funding for proof of concept, Phase I, and Phase II grants, as well as loans. Each dollar invested by the state will be matched three-to-one by private dollars. Those outside investors will be required to invest a minimum of $50,000 in a transaction.

The program also supports spinouts from Georgia research universities. The organization has recruited 60 eminent scientists to Georgia and has developed 28 nationally recognized Centers of Excellence. The program has also contributed to the leveraging of $2.6 billion in federal and private investment.


Founded in 1997, the Georgia Research Alliance is a public-private partnership that aims to attract and retain top scientists and researchers to the state. It provides advanced research facilities, venture development resources, and specialized equipment to research universities. In addition, it helps universities and entrepreneurs create new investment opportunities.

GRA’s Eminent Scholars program recruits the world’s top scientists to Georgia’s research universities. It brings them to the state with research teams and millions of dollars in research grants. These researchers are known for making breakthrough discoveries in their fields. This program also helps universities attract public research grants and attract more private research dollars.

Georgia’s universities are tackling the state’s most important health issues, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases. They are also developing genomics and personalized medicine. The state’s health care system is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The Medical College of Georgia is one of the largest medical schools in the nation. Several researchers at Augusta University are developing regenerative medicine and cardiometabolic disease.