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Matewa Kiritapu, Te Hinekahoe, and Tee Henkahoe

Despite being ten and seven, Matewa Kiritapu and his brother Tee Henkahoe are still incredibly young for their age. Both are already regular attendees at their father’s filming days. They have both made their acting debut in a TV film and have started cosplaying and imitating movie characters. His children are expected to continue Taika’s legacy as a well-known actor. The children are based in Wellington, in the Aro valley.

Matewa Kiritapu’s parents are filmmakers. Her father is a director, and her mother is a producer. She has an older sister, who is also an actress. Her parents are supportive of her acting career. Her mother is known for taking many photos of her on set. The actress also enjoys visiting art galleries, often accompanying her mother. She continues to act in films and creates them.

Taika and Chelsea Waititi split in 2018 after six years of marriage. They still make time to Matewa and their relationship has improved. Matewa can even be edited by Taika. After all, the actor’s mother wants her daughter to look good. Matewa and Taika have become close friends. They have even travelled together to New Zealand this year. They also shared photos from their vacation on Instagram, and Twitter.

Chelsea Winstanley, Taika’s ex-wife, is Matewa Kiritapu’s mother. Te Hinekahu was born in 2012, while Matewa was born a year later. The two share a close bond. Waititi is married to a New Zealand film producer, Chelsea Winstanley. Winstanley has two daughters. This film is a must-see.

Chelsea Winstanley, Taika Waititi’s wife, gave birth to two girls. Te Hinekahu and Matewa Kiritapu were born in 2012 and 2015, respectively. Their daughter is adorable and funky. Her parents have two other daughters, and they are happy to see the children growing up to be the stars of their own films. They have a fascinating life! They are already making a mark in the entertainment industry. Taika Waititi is a father of two children.

Matewa Kiritapu’s parents are both creative and successful. Taika Waititi, her father, sent a touching message to Matewa on her birthday. He said: “We are so proud! You are our future, Matewa!”