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Sue Bridgewater Football Research

Sue Bridgewater – Professor of Football Management

Dr Sue Bridgewater is an associate professor at Warwick Business School and the director of the centre for management in sport. She has studied marketing and modern languages, and also works as a marketing strategist for Unilever. She has used her research to better understand the world of football and its management, and has worked with both clubs and relevant professional bodies.

Prof Bridgewater is also a non-executive director of the League Managers’ Association’s Institute. She has extensive experience in business, having held senior roles in both football and the finance sector. Her research has led to the creation of a diploma course in football management, and she has taught around the world. She has worked with the Qatar Stars League, the Portuguese Football Federation, the Azerbaijan FA, and the Portuguese Football Federation.

Sue has also conducted academic research, publishing academic articles on a variety of topics. She has worked with the League Managers Association on a number of projects, including research on black football managers and Asian British football fans. She is also a member of the League Managers Association’s Leadership Advisory Board.

As a coach, she has coached a number of clubs and national teams. She has also worked with leagues and governing bodies, including the Football Association and UEFA. As a football coach, she has developed a number of skills, such as understanding player psychology. And she has a passion for developing people. She believes that football should be a place of balance between diversity and representation.

Sue Bridgewater has a PhD in Sport Management. She previously taught at the University of Warwick and at the University of Manchester. She is currently working with leading companies and consults on sports marketing. She also teaches the LMA Football MBA at the University of Liverpool. Sue is also involved with the UEFA’s Research Grants and Awards Panel.

Professor Sue Bridgewater is the Director of the Centre for Sports Business at the University of Liverpool Management School. She has a distinguished career in Higher Education. She has worked with the LMA, PFA, FA, Women in Football and SportEngland. She has also published several books on sports marketing and branding. She has also worked with various blue chip companies. She is also a co-author of the book “Football Brands: Marketing