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Western Hydrodynamic Research

Reigning Champ and Western Hydrodynamic Research Create “A Repair Project” Collection

Reigning Champ and Western Hydrodynamic Research have teamed up for a limited-edition sweatshirt collection called “A Repair Project.” The collection includes sweatshirts that have been hand-repaired and embellished with unique details. These pieces are not like a Reigning Champ sweatshirt.

The clothing line is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option. Western Hydrodynamic Research aims to use recycled materials to create as many eco-friendly products as possible. The company’s mission and style are both sustainable and trendy. The company promotes ocean conservation and community engagement through its clothing line.

The company’s products include a Navy cotton t-shirt and a WHR Paracord Utility Loop, a paracord utility loop designed to hang small objects and also function as a leash cord. The Western Hydrodynamic Research Institute makes this product in California. Its prices are moderate, with an average of $201 per item.