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Avia Travel Trailer

The NuCamp AVIA Travel Trailer Review

If you’re searching for a travel trailer, nuCamp’s Avia is worth considering. As their first full-sized trailer, this product promises plenty of space when camping and long-lasting durability.

No matter if you’re new to RVing or an experienced camper, the Avia trailer offers a relaxing atmosphere for couples or small families looking to spend time outdoors in comfort. Equipped with its kitchenette, entertainment center and queen-sized bed inside, the Avia makes camping in style possible.

The interior of the Avia boasts stunning wood crafts and Amish-built cabinetry created by the Ohio Amish. Plus, you’ll enjoy premium speakers and a 16-foot cassette awning to take in all that nature has to offer!

Entering the main living area, you’ll notice a U-shaped dining booth that can be converted into an extra sleeping space for two. Plus, this area houses all major appliances like the sink, stovetop, 3-way fridge/freezer combo and microwave.

The rear bedroom boasts a queen-sized bed, remote-controlled 13-speed vent and 28″ flatscreen TV. Plus, this space boasts ambient LED lighting and more storage than you’ll ever need.

The front bathroom is accessible and slides out of the way when not in use. Although smaller than other rooms, it still features a toilet and sink with additional storage underneath.

The exterior of the AVIA is quite attractive. It boasts a power stabilizing system and Top-Line solar package, plus an omnidirectional antenna and exterior shower.

Though it may appear pricey, the AVIA offers plenty of luxury at a more reasonable cost than many other comparable travel trailers. With its superior build quality, high-end materials, and innovative solutions, it makes for an excellent option for those seeking an upscale camping experience on a budget.

Avion units are more cost-effective than Airstreams and lack a custom luxury exterior shell like Airstreams do. However, they still boast the same durable components and high-end luxury amenities as their bigger brothers.

Are Airstreams difficult to drive?

Airstreams, with their sleek shape and aluminum exterior, may be challenging to maneuver in tight places. Furthermore, while they lack the luxury amenities of other brands like Winnebago or Avion, Airstreams remain a popular choice for budget-minded campers who want an affordable option.