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Fisher Price Little People Buffalo Bills

Fisher Price Launches New Buffalo Bills Little People Collection

If you’re a big fan of the Buffalo Bills, you’ll probably be delighted to learn that Fisher Price has created a new Little People collection featuring the team’s players. This year’s set, called “Little People Go Bills!,” features figures of the Bills’ wide receiver Stephon Diggs, head coach Sean McDermott, and quarterback Josh Allen. In addition to the figurines themselves, the set includes a pair of fans wearing authentic Bills apparel, as well as a fire truck.

To celebrate this year’s football season, Fisher-Price has launched a new set that is designed to appeal to Bills fans of all ages. The new figurines will be available online, at Wegmans stores in New York and Rochester, and in selected retail outlets in Syracuse and Southern Tier. Each piece of the “Go Bills!” collection will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation. For each figurine sold, the company will donate $100 to the hospital.

Several sets of the Little People Go Bills! will be sold for several months. However, only one will be available at any given time. According to officials at the Penfield Wegmans, they will have a limited number of the sets on hand at the event on September 18. It’s a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the most popular items in the Little People line.

While there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll be able to find the figurines you want at the event, you’ll be able to get your hands on a selection of the other Bills-themed items available in the store, including shirts and hats. There will also be a chance to win a set of figurines at the raffle table. A special appearance by the mascot Billy Buffalo will also be on the schedule.

Whether you’re looking for a collectible or something a little more interactive, there’s something for every Bills fan at the Penfield Wegmans on September 18. During the event, you’ll be able check out a fire truck, as well as a host of family-friendly activities. You can even have a picture taken with the mascot. Other goodies that will be for sale at the event include authentic autographed Bills merchandise.

The Fisher-Price Little People figurines that feature the Bills are a great example of the company’s ability to give back. All proceeds from the sales of the figurines will go to the Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation, which supports the Oishei Children’s Hospital.

The new Bills-themed Little People figurines are a big hit with both kids and collectors. This year, the company has added a new set, and they have announced plans to release a couple more. Hopefully, the company will be able to reach their $1 million goal this year.

Since 1999, the Little People series has spawned over six music videos, 30 volumes of DVDs, and over 15 volumes of VHS tapes. In addition to the figurines, the company has also released a Learning Zoo that features 26 animals.