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Fisher Price Little People Doll House

Fisher Price Little People Doll House

A Fisher Price Little People Doll House is a wonderful toy for kids. It is an interactive play set that allows young children to practice their fine motor skills, while learning about language and healthy living. The Fisher Price Little People Friends Together Play House comes with 3 Little People figures, a pool, tree swing, outdoor patio, and swimming pool. Featuring Smart Stages learning content, it offers children early language opportunities and encourages imaginative play. This play house also features a kitchen stove and toilet.

Fisher Price has a lot of different little people sets to choose from. These playsets can include everything from a circus train to a farm house. All of them feature little people figures that are able to be interchanged with other little people. They can be purchased individually, or as part of a complete play set. You can also buy a set that has a specific theme, such as a farm or fire station.

The first Little People toys were made of wood. In 1961, they started to use plastic. These figures were designed to be chunky, which makes them easier for kids to play with. Initially, they were separated from buildings and vehicles. Later, they were used in more detailed play sets.

Fisher-Price has been producing Little People since 1950, and is one of the top 10 most recognized brands in the world. Their line has sold over two billion Little People. Some of the popular toys include a firehouse, airport, and merry-go-round. Many of these toys also come with accessory packs.

One of the first Little People play sets was the Safety School Bus. This 1959 toy was a hit. It featured a school bus with six little people figures. Each figure was wrapped in a lithograph that simulated the character’s clothes.

Another famous Little People toy was the Lacing Shoe toy. Children learned to tie their own shoes by putting on the lacing shoe. While this toy was originally designed to teach kids how to make their own laces, it also helped them practice fine motor skills.

During the 1990s, Fisher-Price merged with Mattel. This change led to an expansion of the company’s products, which included more Little People figures. The brand also branched out internationally. Today, you can find Fisher-Price little people play sets in many countries, including Mexico, Russia, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Currently, the Little People franchise is comprised of 30 volumes of episodes. These episodes have been released on VHS and DVD. Since 1999, the franchise has produced six music videos and 138 episodes. For more information about the Little People dollhouse, visit the Fisher-Price website.

Fisher-Price’s new Little People A-to-Z learning zoo is a fun way for kids to learn about animals. It is a great introduction to the alphabet, and has 26 animals for the little ones to enjoy. There are several interactive features, including an alphabet sign, a push button, and a clock that displays the time.