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Breast Reduction Surgery Before And After Nz

Breast Reduction Before and After in New Zealand

You should know what to expect before you have breast reduction surgery. These guidelines are from three well-respected surgeons in New Zealand. Before you make an appointment, you need to be healthy and not smoke. You should stop using nicotine replacement therapy for at least four weeks if you have just quit smoking. You should also have had a mammogram if you are over 40.

Dr Mark Gittos

The cosmetic surgeons at Dr Mark Gittos are well known for their expertise in the field of plastic surgery. He graduated from Auckland University Medical School in 1984 and has since performed over four thousand breast augmentation operations. He completed fellowships in plastic surgery in the USA, Australia, and the UK during his training. He has also had experience in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Postoperative instructions, photos of the procedure, and painkillers will be provided to you during the operation. You will be sent a discharge letter and can make follow-up appointments with your surgeon for up to six months. Your results will be visible after the procedure, and you will be free to breastfeed as before. After your operation, you can resume exercise and other activities. You can also expect to be able to breathe easily and fully after the procedure.

The benefits of cosmetic surgery can be immense. Dr Gittos’ expertise and experience are two of the many advantages. He is known for his expertise and pioneering laparoscopic procedures in New Zealand. In addition to his expertise, he also includes a dietician in his team who focuses on helping patients lead healthy lives after their surgery.

Dr Kenton Smith

Dr Jesse Kenton Smith is a well-known Christchurch plastic surgeon. He was trained in the UK, and qualified in New Zealand as a surgeon in 2001. The Royal College of Surgeons of England then offered him fellowship training. While in London, he had the privilege of working under the supervision of some of the world’s best plastic surgeons. He spent three years at the Radcliffe Royal Infirmary in Oxford, a year at the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in Central London, and the last five years as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Christchurch Public Hospital. His surgical skills and experience allowed him to establish a successful private practice in Queenstown and Christchurch.

Before the surgery, you will be able to meet Mr Kenton Smith in his private hospital room, where he will discuss the best cosmetic surgery options available for you. After an initial consultation, you will receive an estimate of how much the procedure will cost. Often, patients tell other people they look healthy behind injectables. The combination of Mary Irvine and injectables results in the best results for her patients.

The cost of cosmetic consultation with Mr Kenton Smith is NZ$190. This fee covers all procedures except face lift surgery. The consultation takes place at the Naseby Street Clinic, an accredited day surgical facility. Patients can choose whether or not to have their surgery at the clinic. The Southern Cranky Hospital or St Georges Hospital can perform general anesthesia procedures. The patient will likely notice changes after the procedure and hear compliments from others.

While Jesse Kenton-Smith is a plastic surgeon, he also works with Dr Kate Matthews, a family GP and Appearance Medicine Physician. Together, they have worked to achieve some incredible surgical results. Dr Kenton Smith is known for his high-quality work. However, she often works with a GP to achieve the best aesthetic results. Dr Kenton Smith will make sure your surgery results look natural and beautiful.

Jesse completed his training in New Zealand in plastic surgery. He holds a fellowship in the Royal College of Australasian Surgeons and practices at the Naseby Street Clinic in Merivale. He also sees patients at the Queenstown Medical Centre. He has served on the Board of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for two terms. A Fellow of the college, Jesse has a background in surgical practice and is particularly experienced in breast reduction surgery.

Dr Kate Matthews

During her fifteen years of practice, Dr Kate Matthews has developed a reputation for providing excellent results and creating beautiful women through aesthetic medicine. She is passionate about skin health and believes that evidence-based treatments can deliver subtle, but noticeable results. Kate uses micro-needling to treat patients and encourages them daily to use broad-spectrum sunscreens and topical vitamin C.