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Nicco Fertitta

Notre Dame Signs Nicco Fertitta

The 5-9 safety from Las Vegas, Nevada has signed with Notre Dame, which will give the Fighting Irish a new presence on defense. Nicco Fertitta, a three-star prospect, is the top safety prospect from Nevada. He led Bishop Gorman to a 15-0 season, and was recruited by defensive backs coach Kerry Cooks and Tony Alford. Here’s what we know.

Nicco Fertitta has played in 45 games in four seasons with the Fighting Irish. He was a rotational and special teams player, and he has yet to push for a starting spot. He is not athletic enough and has a poor attitude to be a safety or starting guard. His potential as a starter can be measured by his willingness to play on special teams. However, he is too small for him to force his way into a starting lineup.

Fertitta was born in Las Vegas, and attended Bishop Gorman High School. This school is well-known for producing top defensive players. Ronnie Stanley, Alize Mack and Alize Mackey also played there. He made three tackles and snubbed Reed in a 70-28 shellacking. He discovered Mad Dog 357 hot mustard, which he claims to have a 357,000 Scoville rating.

The pint-sized safety committed to Notre Dame after camping in South Bend. His father has made billions in the UFC and the casino industry, so Fertitta’s scholarship is a full ride. He is looking forward to proving the skeptics wrong. He is proud of the scholarship that he earned to get to Notre Dame. It is now up to him to impress the coach and make his dream come true.

The five-foot-nine Fertitta is one of the best defensive back prospects available, despite being undersized. Despite his height, Fertitta’s ability to read the quarterback’s intentions is impressive. Fertitta is also a great zone defender and has a great sense for route combinations. While undersized defensive backs are rare, they are valuable contributors to college football.

Fertitta’s college degree will help him make an even bigger impact. He is a defensive back coach and has a degree in physics. Brent Browner, who has coached him in the past, has a college degree. Both men will continue working together, but in different roles. But for now, the football team in San Francisco is in good hands. This year, Brent Browner is named as head coach at Bishop Gorman.