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Fortune Cookie Cartoon

Fortune Cookie Cartoon

If you are a die-hard fortune cookie lover, you will want to check out the new Smurfs cartoon, “The Fortune Cookie.” The Smurfs landed in ancient China, where they found a fortune cookie. Brainy Smurf wrote his fortune on the fortune cookie, but Jokey Smurf replaced the fortune notes with his own. Jokey then arranged “surprises” to make the fortunes look like they came true. In this way, Jokey fooled the Smurfs into thinking that Brainy could tell the future through fortune cookie notes.

The Fortune Cookie is a type of cookie that contains a strip of paper that contains advice. The message on the cookie can be uplifting or depressing. The message may be a prophecy, a piece of advice, or an aphorism. It may also include a list of lucky numbers. The fortune cookie has Chinese roots, but it has been introduced into Western culture by various immigrant communities.