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What Do You Do If You Lose Your Piercing Ball

You’ve lost your piercing-ball – what should you do? Here are a few steps to follow in case you lose your ball. Rubber gloves or latex gloves can be used to loosen the ball from the piercing. Also, avoid using bathroom sinks for swapping your body jewelry, as they usually have good lighting and a mirror. To prevent water from entering your piercing, cover the drain with a towel.

First, you can try chewing gum or dental wax to secure the jewelry. Although these options are not ideal, they do work. These solutions will keep the jewelry in place for at least a day. However, these solutions are not healthy for your piercing. Afterward, you should contact a medical professional to avoid the risk of infection. If the problem persists, consult a board-certified physician. Dr. Niket Sonpal is an internist, gastroenterologist, and adjunct professor at Touro College.

You should immediately remove your piercing balls and wash your hands if you have lost them. After doing so, apply hand sanitizer. Before applying new jewelry, treat the piercing as an open wound. To remove bacteria, wash the piercing with saline water.

After your piercing, it’s important to clean the area to prevent infection. Rinse with a mouthwash solution that contains no alcohol. You should also clean the area once a day. Changing the jewelry will also help to avoid bumps and pain. Until the swelling subsides, you should avoid eating solid or hard foods. Drinking smoothies will also help the area heal.

If the piercing ball doesn’t come out, consult a doctor. Some infections are not contagious, and will heal on their own. If you swallow the jewelry, however, you should seek medical attention immediately. Although it is possible to swallow the jewelry, internal damage can cause you to die. You should also check your bowel movements as the jewelry could be in your stool.

Once you have noticed that you have lost your piercing ball, you should clean it thoroughly every day with a cotton swab dipped in an ear care antiseptic. This is typically benzalkonium chloride. However, liquid antibacterial soap can be used. Make sure you rinse off the solution completely before applying any type of bandage to the piercing site. Once the infection has cleared up, you can re-pierce the ear and continue your life.