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E Marie Travel Blanket

The E Marie Travel Blanket – What to Look For in a Travel Blanket

Travel blankets make travel more comfortable. There are numerous choices available and it is wise to select one according to its size, features and care needs as well as budget considerations.

Size: When shopping for travel blankets, size and weight are two key considerations. Our recommendations typically measure 50 inches wide and one pound or less in weight.

Comfort: When searching for the ideal travel blanket, choose one made of a fabric such as fleece, nylon or merino fibers that provides comfortable support. Hypoallergenic varieties may be beneficial if traveling with pets as they won’t leave behind fabric balls that shed into your luggage and create unpleasant odors.

Features: For optimal enjoyment, many travel blankets feature additional features to enhance their experience. From compact designs that fit easily in a suitcase or pouch to hands-free use using snaps or clips around your neck, some blankets even offer pockets to store belongings or act as lumbar supports when sleeping on an airplane or train!

Material: When considering material choices for blankets, cotton and linen are two great materials to consider; both offer great breathability while being more affordable options than fleece or microfiber polyester blankets. Cotton may provide warmth while linen helps wick away sweat for quick drying times and easier washing; machine-washable versions should also be considered if frequent usage is anticipated.

Price: You can find an adequate blanket at a fair price; however, for something luxurious such as the White and Warren Travel Wrap made of 100 percent cashmere which feels luxurious on an aircraft flight.

Personalize it: For an extra personal touch, try choosing a blanket with your initials embroidered onto it – these are available on Etsy and other online marketplaces.

Versatility: The E Marie Travel Blanket is an adaptable piece, perfect for long flights or traveling with young ones. Wearable scarf and pillow features can be folded away into its carrying case for ease. Plus, its compact dimensions make for easy storage if necessary! A great travel companion on long flights or family travel plans!

CoolMax Travel Blanket: Designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable on-the-go, this travel blanket features lightweight material that breathes easily and dries quickly – plus comes in an array of colors! Plus it folds easily into its travel pouch, and can even be washed!

37.5 Technology: For those who prefer cotton-like travel blankets, this blanket may be an ideal option; its construction combines 80% cotton fibers with 20% 37.5 performance polyester yarns for optimal warmth retention and an attractive basketweave pattern on its cotton cover.

Sleep Number’s cooling blanket combines cotton’s natural comfort with 37.5 technology that stores and releases heat to keep you feeling cooled down during your nightly rest. Available in five shades that match their top-rated sheets and completely machine washable, you’ll feel cool all through the night with this cooling solution from Sleep Number.