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Wolf Pup Travel Trailers

Wolf Pup Travel Trailers

If you’re searching for an RV that can accommodate the whole family, take a look at Wolf Pup campers. Offering several floorplan options at an affordable price point and lightweight and easy to tow characteristics. Plus, their self-contained design provides ample tank capacity as well as tons of storage space!

The 2021 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup Travel Trailer 14CC is an ultra compact and lightweight trailer capable of accommodating five people comfortably. Equipped with a queen sized bed and bunk beds for kids, as well as an exquisite kitchen, dinette and bathroom. Furthermore, this travel trailer is fitted with an external TV mount that makes viewing movies or shows while camping much simpler!

The Cherokee Wolf Pup offers another fantastic feature – an awning you can operate using an app on your phone. You’re able to change its direction or adjust its length if rainstorms arrive, preventing water pooling onto it and increasing its lifespan.

Wolf pup travel trailers boast many additional features that make them attractive choices for RVers, such as a full bathroom with shower and toilet, dinette that seats six comfortably, ample storage space and large efficient kitchen with flush mount glass cook top, large sink and plenty of counter space – not forgetting an onboard residential 2-door refrigerator to store enough food for camping trips!

Wolf pup travel trailers offer many advantages over traditional trailers, including being easily pulled by most SUVs and being much lighter – this makes handling much simpler for new RVers, while also saving fuel costs as you travel.

If you’re considering purchasing a Wolf Pup travel trailer, visit a dealership nearby and speak to their sales staff. They’ll be able to walk you through each model available and help select the ideal option for your needs.

Forest River’s Cherokee Wolf Pup Travel Trailers are a top choice among RVers due to their affordable, versatile, and varied floorplan options. Available in various sizes and styles–ranging from simple travel trailers to luxury toy haulers–this RV is sure to meet all your RVing needs.

Forest River Inc, one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, produces Wolf Pup travel trailers using high-grade materials and innovative features that set them apart from other RV brands. Not only do they offer RVs for different price points and financing plans that offer flexible payment plans but they also guarantee their products with money-back guarantees for customers!