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Transportation Research Part B

Authoring Guidelines for Transportation Research Part B

Identify the scope and aims of the research. List the authoring guidelines and the bibliography. Then state the contribution and potential impact of the research. Finally, cite the research in the style that is appropriate for your discipline.

Aims and scope

Choosing the right journal for your transportation research depends on the aims and scope of the journal. For example, does the journal aim to publish papers that have implications for transport management? Does it have a focus on issues that are cross-disciplinary for all modes of transportation? Does it have a focus on international aspects of transport management?

Transportation Research, Part B: Methodological is a journal published by the Society for Research in Management (SJR). The journal is a peer-reviewed, academic journal published in English. The journal targets scientists and practitioners and publishes original research articles. The journal is indexed in the SJR in Management Science and Operations Research. The journal emphasizes originality and practical relevance of the published research findings. The journal focuses on large-scale transportation networks and railway models.

Authoring guidelines

Whether you’re preparing a paper for submission or are simply researching transportation issues, the following Authoring Guidelines for Transportation Research Part B should help you create a strong paper. These guidelines were compiled by Transportation Research Board volunteers and staff. They were written to provide authors with an overview of the writing process, to describe the expectations of TRR reviewers, and to help authors decide if they should submit their paper to the journal.

Ensure that your paper is concise and clear. Make sure to include the following in your paper: a statement of the research question, a background on the topic, an analytical procedure, and results and conclusions. This is the most critical element of your submission package, so ensure that you take the time to write it well.

Citation style

Using footnotes to supplement your main text is not to be sneezed at. It is often the only way to add credibility to your research. Footnotes should be a concise tidbit of information in their own right. For example, if you mention that a particular paper is considered a major work, it is not a bad idea to mention it again in your supplemental footnotes.

Footnotes should be numbered in order of importance. The most common way to do this is to use Arabic numerals flush right. To wit, the first footnote should be numbered, the second should be numbered one after another, and so on. If you are able to do this, you will not be bothered when your reader asks where the footnotes are. You can then use the rest of your text to fill in the blanks.


During the past four decades, Transportation Research part B has been the leading international journal for transportation research. Its articles cover a range of topics related to the design and operation of transportation networks, including logistics, control and scheduling, and optimization. It also publishes papers on mathematical models and queuing theory.

The journal is published by SAGE Publications, and is owned by the National Academy of Sciences. The journal is published on a monthly basis, and contains 12 issues. Typically, a submission package includes a title page, the body of the paper, an acknowledgement section, a references section, and supplemental material.

The title page should include the article’s title, the journal title, and the author’s name and affiliation. The title should be concise, and should avoid formulas and abbreviations. It should also be consistent with the journal’s style. A DOI is also highly recommended, as well as a publisher name.