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Bianco Research

Bianco Research

Bianco Research is a macro-strategy firm that has a unique perspective on the world economy and financial markets. The firm’s president, Jim Bianco, has almost two decades of experience in the investment industry and has developed a reputation for unbiased commentary. His commentaries have focused on topics ranging from monetary policy to the interaction of politics and the markets. He also has written on the role of government in the economy.

Jim Bianco is president

Bianco Research is an investment firm run by Jim Bianco, a macro strategist. The firm has predicted non-transitory inflation and an aggressive Fed policy in the months ahead. According to Bianco, the market is overbought and is prone to high volatility.

Jim Bianco started his career in the financial industry in the mid-eighties after graduating from Marquette University. In the early nineties, he stumbled into an interview at First Boston and was hired. He later started his own firm, Bianco Research, in 1998. The firm specializes in macroeconomics, equities, and government involvement in the economy.

Jim Bianco is a Macro Strategist

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, has been a macro strategist for almost two decades, and he is considered a market-savvy, independent voice. During his tenure at Bianco Research, he has addressed many issues facing markets, including the role of government in the economy, monetary policy, and fund flows.

Bianco is also an author and a speaker at several investment conferences and has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox. He has also written articles for Forbes, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, Financial Trader, and Futures Magazine.

Jim Bianco predicts inflation will be non-transitory

Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research, predicts that inflation will be non-transitory. The economist said the Federal Reserve will be hard pressed to achieve its goal of 2% inflation. He also believes that interest rates will rise. Several factors will make inflation harder to manage.

One factor is the Federal Reserve’s policy. Bianco believes that monetary policy has pushed inflation higher than it should. He believes that the Fed will need to tighten interest rates sooner than they originally planned. However, Bianco is wary of central banks’ intervention in the economy because it can have collateral damage.

Another factor is the stock market. According to Bianco, the stock market is near its peak. He also thinks that the bullish activity that has fueled stocks will end this year. Retail investors are putting money into stocks, but that bullish activity won’t last forever. As of Friday, the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq are all at record highs.

Jim Bianco predicts the Fed will crush stock prices

Jim Bianco, a macro strategist and president of Bianco Research, L.L.C., has warned that the Fed will crush stock prices in late March or early April. He believes that 2% inflation will be non-transitory, and the Fed will impose aggressive policies to try and prevent it.

The Fed is caught between a rock and a hard place in this situation. They are worried about a stock market crash, but they can’t do too much to protect the economy from a collapse. The Consumer Price Index, which measures the inflation rate based on a market basket of consumer goods and services, has recently hit 7.9% – much higher than most analysts had expected. However, high-ranking Fed officials have said that this increase is only temporary and will soon fall back to normal levels.

According to Bianco, correlations between equities and the S&P 500 are at 80-year highs. This suggests that the stock market isn’t the best indicator of the economy. Instead, he says that the credit market should be the true indicator of the economy.