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Robo Fortune in Super Mario Galaxy

Robo-Fortune is a robot with a long, laser-chainsaw-like arm that extends from its chest. This enables him to pull down his opponents while flailing his arms around. This is a useful attack, which can be used as anti-air, but its disadvantage is that it cannot do much damage on blocks. However, it can be used as a combo fodder to kill multiple enemies. Besides, Robo-Fortune can also cancel into its own special move, the Danger!, which is extremely useful if you’re trying to counter armored approaches.

Robo-Fortune can also perform detonations. Its Systemic Circuit Breaker damage reduces itself after a countdown, and if he catches his opponent in the blast, the latter will be caught by the blast. Robo-Fortune’s Magnetic Trap is another useful attack, as it attracts an opponent in the air. If you let go of the kick button before the opponent reaches the magnet, you can then continue your combo.

Robo-Fortune is created by Brain Drain, the psychic director of ASG Lab Zero, with the intention of proving loyalty and cunning. Despite using cutting-edge technology, Robo-Fortune is not very loyal and engages in conflicts that could have been avoided. It is unclear how much he can trust the creator, but he certainly has his uses.

Robo-Fortune has an impressive range of special moves, including the Headrone. It can chain several lows and can also double jump cancel air normals when standing overhead. As a result, Robo-Fortune is a great character for zoning and controlling large chunks of the screen.

Robo-Fortune was previously slated to be a playable character for the new Skullgirls game. She was later confirmed as a playable character after a donation drive for the Keep Skullgirls project, but was delayed until late 2014. It is unclear when Robo-Fortune will be released, but it will probably be available two weeks after the campaign ends.

Robo-Fortune is still a powerful hero, but his sHK move has its limits. The move can only be canceled into a super or 2HK move, and the distance of the opponent’s corner determines how the combo ends. Sometimes, it requires a special jump on the wall to combo, or even an OTG.

A Robo’s heads can also be spent on a Warranty Extension. This move requires at least three heads to perform and adds time to the self-destruct timer. However, it comes with permanent damage to the Robo’s health. As a result, it’s best to avoid using a Warranty Extension. This move may cost you a lot of money in the long run, so use it sparingly.