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Shaq Jesse James Motorcycle

A Motorcycle Owned by Shaq Jesse James Is Up For Sale

A motorcycle owned by basketball superstar Shaq Jesse James is up for sale, with an estimated price of $44,100. Shaq’s bike is huge and was built by Shaq himself. According to Shaq, it’s the only thing that makes him feel normal. It has a S&S 113-inch V-Twin engine, mated with a 6-speed transmission. It was featured in the show Motorcycle Mania II. The bike is also claimed to be in perfect condition.

James is also a businessman and motorcycle enthusiast. He graduated from La Sierra High School in 1987 and went on to attend Riverside Community College. He had hoped to play football for the NFL but was unable to do so due to two injuries. He also left his college football team to start dating Kat Von D, an adult film star. They were married in 2005 and divorced in 2010.

Jesse James has also designed and constructed motorcycles for some of Hollywood’s most famous names. He has built motorcycles for Keanu Reeves, Kid Rock, and Shaquille O’Neal. He has even expanded his business into clothing lines and a fast-food restaurant.

Jesse has been busy starting his own business since his fame fell. He owns a motorcycle brand, a clothing company, and a production business. Despite the scandal, he has risen from the ashes. He is known for being a troubled person, but his motorcycle brand is a huge hit.