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Allan K And Ahron

Allan K and Ahron Villena – Are They Still Together?

Rumours about Ahron Villena and Allan K’s alleged romance have swept the internet. The two actors were recently seen sharing photos of themselves in Boracay, and the images sparked a prank-filled social media thread. The pair, who were reportedly attracted to each other for a while, also shared a thank you message to the netizens who helped make their posts viral.

Ahron Villena was recently separated from Allan K after they shared behind-the scenes footage of a cozy picture. Both the comedian and the actor shared the photo so as to make it look innocent. The photos, however, sparked reactions from their showbiz friends and colleagues. They even went as far as to post emojis showing their bare butt cheeks in a nude photo.

Allan K recently posted an Instagram prank video in which he thanked his followers for their previous posts. He simply wrote “peace be to everyone!” in the caption. Cristy Fermin and Ahron Villena have not responded to Cristy’s allegations. But judging from their past posts, the pair is still in a relationship. There are rumors that Ahron is pregnant, and Allan has yet to confirm or deny it.