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Catalogued Research Wow

Catalogued Research in WoW

Catalogued Research in WoW is a currency that players use to upgrade items. It can be obtained by killing rares and completing quests. Although it is slow to gain, a recent hotfix has removed the cap. It can be used to make socket makers and conduits.

Catalogued Research can also be farm on the rift. This method is much more efficient than Yorik’s timer to respawn. You can also farm catalogs in Korthia by killing rares and mobs. Some rares drop Catalogued Research, while others don’t. You can also farm them by purchasing Husky carries.

Catalogued Research is the new currency in World of Warcraft. It is closely tied to the faction Archivist’s Codex. With this currency, you can buy exclusive gear for your class or faction. You can also increase your gear’s item level with this currency. You can collect Catalogued Research by farming relics, but it is a tedious process.