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Pandora Travel Charm

Pandora Travel Charm

Pandora charms are designed to commemorate life’s precious moments and mark special places in your heart, making a wonderful way to commemorate trips or cherish special relationships. Made from high quality sterling silver and 14k gold materials, some designs even incorporate genuine gemstones for added glamor!

Pandora prides themselves on celebrating personal style, which is why they provide such an extensive variety of charms that suit any event or taste. Beyond traditional silver charms, there is also an assortment of gold and rose gold pieces. Additionally, glass and Murano designs add unique color pops that complete any bracelet or necklace set from Pandora.

There’s even a charm available for travelers: Pandora offers its Wanderlust Charm as a reminder of your passion for exploring distant lands and experiencing different cultures. Add an airplane charm for even greater display. Unfortunately, however, this charming may only be available to Pandora employees and can only be purchased at their headquarters in Denmark.

Winnie and Per Enevoldsen began Pandora as wholesalers, importing products from Thailand into their Copenhagen store. Later, they moved into larger premises and introduced an in-house designer – setting in motion Pandora’s now famous threaded bracelet system.

Today, Pandora is widely revered for its exquisite and feminine designs that complement a wide variety of styles and tastes. Their latest charms commemorate life’s magical moments – family gatherings, friendships, romance and personal growth are just a few examples that these pieces celebrate.

The average cost of a Pandora bracelet depends on which charms and size of bracelet you select, with Black Multi-Strand Bracelets starting at $35 while PANDORA Gold Charm Bracelets start at around $1,415. Using Pandora Bracelet Builder you can design your bracelet at home easily from home before finalizing your purchase by seeing each item’s retail price before finalizing it with checkout.

Your bracelet can accommodate between 17 and 22 charms depending on its style, clips and spacers selected and whether or not you opt for a safety chain, which takes up additional space. Pandora also offers a charm finder tool on their website to assist with finding pieces to best fit with your bracelet style; and add a charm opener if your clasp needs help – this small portable tool lets you twist up/down easily without harm or injury from closing with one hand while holding onto its closure with another – like an ordinary screwdriver would allow!