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Bernardo Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples Bernardo Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples Bernardo is an iconic sunglasses collection that channels the iconic designs of the 1970s. This aviator inspired style features a semi-transparent teal acetate frame, slim arms, and keyhole bridge. The eyewear has been coveted by fashion insiders and celebrities for years. They feature a combination of refined materials and cutting edge technology.

Oliver Peoples is known for its superior polarized mineral glass sun lenses. These patented technologies combine decades of experience and cutting edge design to provide the ultimate visual experience. In addition to its sun glass ilk, Oliver Peoples also manufactures eyewear and ocular lenses in Japan and Italy. As the name suggests, the brand specializes in producing the finer things in life. Among other things, this eyewear collection boasts gold inserts, high quality frames, and a host of other luxurious gizmos.

One of the most impressive features of Oliver Peoples is their selection of unique designs. They include diamond-encrusted glasses, gold plated specimens with delightful patterns, and even a range of retro styled frames. While the name of the company is relatively unknown to the general public, its ocular lenses are among the best in the business. Other notables from the brand include a selection of high quality, handcrafted frames that are meticulously assembled in California and Japan.

The most important gizmo may be the fact that Oliver Peoples eyewear is available in over ten different color combinations. While each color screams classic style, some of the more interesting ones may be out of reach for the everyday consumer. Some of these designs are limited edition and can sell out quickly. On the other hand, others are more affordable than you might think. A complete collection includes a case and cleaning cloth. Additionally, the brand offers a one-year manufacturer warranty on most of its eyewear and sunglasses.

It is no wonder that Oliver Peoples is regarded as the gold standard in high-quality optical equipment. The brand has a storied history dating back to the 1920s, when Oliver Peoples was a famous collector of specimens spanning all echelons of the world’s wealth and fame. From the golden age of cinema to the era of space travel, the legendary optics manufacturer has been a leading force in the world of eyewear. During its heyday, the ocular division was so large that it was considered the unofficial name of the company. Today, this venerable institution has an equally impressive array of products. And, as a result, the name Oliver Peoples is as synonymous with premium optics as it is with luxury automobiles.

Of course, there are a ton of other eyewear brands out there, but one stands out from the rest. With its blend of old school sophistication and modern attitude, the Oliver Peoples name is a must have. Whether you choose to wear one of their many classic or contemporary styles, you will certainly make a fashion statement. Just remember to shop around to find the right pair.