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A Humorous Name For A Model T Ford

A model T car is an American icon that has many unique and funny names. Its wood body and rattling, creaking transmission made it an uncomfortable ride at high speeds. The Model T has been the inspiration for many stories, poems, and songs throughout its history. Here are a few of the most well-known:

The Model T was the most loved car of the 20th Century, and Henry Ford’s creation was awarded the prize for best automobile. Ford sold 15 million Model T vehicles during this period, which was 40 percent of all car sales in the United States. Tin Lizzie was available only in black between 1913 and 1925. Early Model Ts were also available in red, green, blue, and gray.

The Model T was affordable and quickly became a popular choice. In addition to connecting rural America to the rest of the country, it paved the way for a numbered highway system. Henry Ford, chief engineer of the Edison Illuminating Company, in Detroit, designed the car. He spent his nights working on a gasoline engine, and with his wife Clara, he tested it on Christmas Eve 1893. It started up in less than 30 seconds, but it was a success.