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Fortuna Post Office

Fortuna Post Office

If you need to change your mailing address, make a missing mail claim, or find other information regarding the USPS, you can visit the Fortuna post office. They are located at 699 13th St in Fortuna, California, and offer several services. They also sell office supplies.

The Fortuna post office is a US Postal Service facility and offers a full range of services, including first-class mail and package delivery. When you visit the post office, be sure to have some identification and proof of citizenship. You will need to present an identification card and photocopy of a citizenship document in order to be eligible to receive mail and package delivery.

The Fortuna post office can also take your passport photo, although you will have to pay a fee. If you live in the area, you can use the service to mail your passport or replace a lost or stolen one. You can also check out the schedule of hours and services online. The Fortuna Post office accepts both US and Canadian passports.

In addition to being a passport acceptance agent, the Fortuna post office can help you with your application. They are certified by the Department of State, and they can witness your signature. The standard processing time for a passport is four to eight weeks, although the expedited service is available for an additional fee of $60.