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Succubus Research Diary

Succubus Research Diary Update 4

The update for Succubus Research Diary is about 30% complete but it is not yet available in the Steam store. However, the price of the game is still the same in both stores. This is because the Steam currency conversion doesn’t update automatically. The game’s price is currently listed at $14.99.


Serena is a human explorer who accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious woman known as Nerisha, a succubus. The two strike up an unusual relationship and end up having a lot of sex. This is important because succubi cannot fully develop their magical powers unless they have sex with humans and other humanoids. Unfortunately for Serena, she was separated from her expedition and ended up with Nerisha as her partner.


While the first Succubus Research Diary update came out over a year ago, the fourth adds two new episodes to the story arc. These episodes will introduce two new characters. You will only be able to access these newest episodes after you’ve completed the first three episodes.

Serena’s explorer team

In Succubus Research Diary, you play as Serena, a young woman who is part of an expedition that is exploring the Underground. However, she is separated from the team by accident and ends up meeting a young Succubus named Nerisha.

The game uses CGs for sex scenes. There are fifteen base sexual CGs and variations for progression. It also features tongue-on-mouth action and friendly banter between the protagonists. There are also a few sexy scenes where Serena gets her hands on the male protagonist’s butt.


While the game is rated M, it features some intense sex scenes. Players can choose between a variety of positions and options for the sex scenes. The game also includes a voiced sex system. Sex is portrayed through dialogue and the player is able to decide which position is most appealing to them.

In order to fully develop their magical powers, succubi must have sex with humans and other humanoids. The two women involved in the game are Nerisha and Serena, both of whom are human. Nerisha’s character is an idealist with high ideals of equality, while Serena is a woman with plenty of sex appeal. In the game, they accidentally stumble upon each other.

System requirements

Succubus Research Diary is one of the most popular games of the moment. The game was released in TBD by Arcus Plume and has an enormous following. However, you should know that it requires a high-end GPU to run smoothly. The minimum recommended GPU for Succubus Research Diary is an AMD Radeon HD 6770.

The latest build of Succubus Research diary is 1.2.0 and is available for Windows platforms. The game currently has a completion date of June 12, 2022. If you’re unsure about what your system is capable of, please consult the game’s official system requirements. Then, you can compare them with your own configuration.