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Naruto And Obito Time Travel Fanfiction

Time Travel Fanfiction – The Best Naruto and Obito Fanfiction

In a world where ninja can travel back in time to kill clones, it’s no surprise that fanfictions have been written – but unfortunately many of them are poor quality! Many feature an unrealistic “Naruto becomes Gary Stu” trope or turn him into an overpowered hero with no harem for no apparent reason.

The best books typically possess stunning character writing, as well as incredible worldbuilding and fight scenes. That being said, not all of them are perfect, so it’s essential to read them carefully before making your choice.

Team 7 AUs

Naruto and Team 7 coming-of-age stories set in a more realistic Naruto world tend to be some of the most popular fanfics available. While Birth of a Ninja may not measure up to these standards, it still provides an engaging read with impressive worldbuilding, well written fight scenes, and fascinating insight into how young Naruto and Sakura handle Ninja life’s trials. It will be interesting to see how they adapt as adults while facing these obstacles together.

Kakashi-centric AUs

Kakashi instructs Team 7 but Sakura is less certain. She doesn’t trust him, which is understandable given that she has experienced his anger before.

Tomorrowsrain’s characters often find themselves in situations that differ from canon, yet their responses feel true to who they are and how they would act if faced with similar scenarios. Their strong sense of character coupled with a matter-of-fact writing style give the show a melancholic vibe.

In Fire Forged is an original Naruto universe (AU) that takes a dark turn in the Narutoverse. With fantastic character development and captivating worldbuilding, In Fire Forged stands out among other fics with its extensive level of detail in both character interactions and how the world around them changes – something not many fics do well.

Kid Naruto and Sakura are endearingly adorable, offering an enjoyable change from other kid-centric fics out there. Although it’s a little slow-moving, it’s still enjoyable to witness how two small boys who were raised to kill can become friends.

This story takes a slight detour from the standard fanfic format, but it’s one of the most heartwarming tales I’ve read recently. A little yellow-haired kid saves Sakura from bullies and everything changes. It may be slow-paced at times and the author does an admirable job of not skipping over Academy years like many other fics do, but it remains an engaging read that I highly recommend.


Another fantastic fantasy tale featuring an ANBU who’s experienced the loss of their memories but doesn’t let it bring them down. This fic has some excellent worldbuilding and a nice balance between realism and comedy, though I wish the author had given the character more depth.

Time Flows Like Ink is an intriguing fiction tale, in which Minato utilizes time-travel to jump between timelines. He gets to see how his actions in one world affect future times when he next returns. This fic offers insight into the impact of time-travel on people while also being fascinating to observe how his relationships evolve over time.