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Tulcingo Travel

Tulcingo Travel – The Best Way to Get to Tulcingo Travel in the United States

Tulcingo Travel is one of the many courier services in New York City that specialize in sending packages from Mexico to the United States. This growing trend provides immigrants with a more efficient and timely means of sending their relatives back home.

At the back of a small shop in Jackson Heights, Queens, hundreds of packages are stacked to the ceiling. Inside are freshly-baked bread, homemade candy and Florerncio Sosa’s favorite mole sauce that was prepared 48 hours earlier by his mother-in-law from Tulcingo in Puebla State – 2,200 miles away.

For Sosa and the other tens of thousands of migrants working in New York City, tulcingo travel is their lifeline to staying connected to their families. Through courier services like Tulcingo Travel, these migrants can guarantee that their loved ones get all of the food and items they require.

Juan Luna founded Tulcingo Travel in 1996, when he saw the need for a courier service between Puebla, Mexico and New York City. He estimates that he sends two 500-pound shipments of packages to his customers in Mexico each week and brings them back to New York within one week, according to Luna.

Tulcingo Travel is your go-to for expeditious transport of remittances and goods between Mexico and the US. Plus, they provide excellent customer support as well as being fully licensed and insured – giving you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

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