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How To Document Audio Research Study

How to Document an Audio Research Study

There are many ways to record audio interviews. One method is to use audio recording software. These programs have features that will allow researchers to see what is said and when. They are also useful when analyzing focus groups or individual interviews. These programs allow you to record and also search for specific statements.

A transcription style is another option for audio documentation. Researchers may want to use naturalized verbatim transcription, or intelligent verbatim transcription, if possible. They should also include nonverbal cues, if they are relevant to the research. The style that you use will depend on your research approach and personal preference.

In the research plan, it is important to explain the purpose of the recording. If the research involves voluntary participation, you should include explicit questions about consent. The consent form should also have a place for the participant to mark or indicate consent. You should also include the extent to which identifiable information will be recorded. The study should also specify how recordings will be stored, used and destroyed.