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Ashley Jones Swamp People Instagram

Ashley Deadeye Jones the Swamp

Ashley Deadeye Jones the Swamp is one of the many cast members of the reality television show Swamp People. The show is a cult favorite, and has garnered a loyal following for its depiction of real life in the Louisiana swamps. It airs on the History Channel, and the show has been successful in sustaining viewership over the years. In fact, the show has been renewed for a twelve-season run. As such, viewers can look forward to another year of fun and adventure in the swamps.

Before her appearance on Swamp People, Ashley Jones was a stay-at-home mom. She is married to attorney Chad Jones, and has three children with him. Although they have kept their family life private, they are active on social media.

Ashley and Chad are a couple who are very supportive. Both of them have handled several cases against BP and Bayer Pharmaceutical. They are also very devoted to their family. However, both have had their share of challenges. Their marriage has been through the rough, and Chad has had to step in to help his wife get through it all. He was particularly worried about his wife’s mental health, and had to do a lot of counseling. But in the end, he was able to help her come out of her depression.

While there is no specific information on the size of Ashley’s net worth, her career as an actor has been nothing short of stellar. She has appeared in numerous films, including The Wedding Ringer, Without a Trace, and 90210. This has led to her being nominated for the Daytime Emmy Awards.

When Ashley was a young girl, she was introduced to hunting by her husband. Although she had no idea what it was at the time, her love for the activity soon became a passion. Later, she met Ronnie Adams, who invited her to join the ‘Swamp People’ crew. During this time, she discovered that she had excellent shooting skills. Eventually, she and her husband became a hunting team, and her success on the field was a source of inspiration for other hunters.

Despite her success, she had trouble with depression after her miscarriage. Her husband helped her recover from that, and she started enjoying hunting again. That is the reason why she got involved in the “Swamp People” show.

Another name to look out for is the ‘Dead Eye’. It is a nickname that Ronnie Adams bestowed upon Ashley when he realized her impressive hunting skill. Even though she hasn’t posted anything on Instagram, she has over 21,000 followers on Facebook.

There aren’t too many clues about her childhood or the ‘Dead Eye’. One thing is for sure, she is one of the few female alligator hunters on Swamp People. Aside from that, she hasn’t done a whole lot to promote herself on social media. And that’s a shame, because she is a lovely woman. She has a beautiful smile and she looks great in both sun and rain.