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Humankind Independent People

The Independent People in Humankind

Humankind is a game where you build your own civ. It is similar to games like Civilization where you need to manage resources, build a powerful Empire, and battle other civs. However, in this game you can interact with “independent people” as well. In this game, you can hire them to be mercenaries or to work for you as traders. They can also share their maps and resources. There are many minor cultures that you can explore.

The Independent People are an important part of the Congress of Humankind. This is a political powerhouse that can arbitrate conflicts between empires. In addition, they have the ability to influence the world through their Ideology. You can hire their army to fight your enemies, and you can even buy resources from them.

The Independent People are not a single entity, but rather a collection of minor cultures. These are usually spawned from random locations and are not subject to population requirements. Often, they will have a single Territory City and a small number of Units. Their armies are free to go where they please, and they do not have an increasing cost when it comes to claiming territories.

The independent people in HUMANKIND are actually more like buffer pieces on a RISK board. As the countdown comes to a close, they will be degraded and go into decline. A new culture may be born, which can trigger a sudden shift in the aesthetics of a society. Alternatively, the stableness of a major culture may be lost to the Independent People.

The most important interaction between players and Independent People is patronage. Patronage lets you acquire more than you need in a turn. Patronage can be spent to improve your relationship with an Independent People or to sign special Treaties. If you are a Client State, you will receive a 5% increase in Fame Gain Multiplier. When you attack a Patronage Independent, you instantly lose your gain per turn.

Another interesting interaction is the ability to hire a Mercenary to kill a rival. You can use a Mercenary to defend your Outpost from an Independent People’s army. You can then hire them to destroy an enemy’s City, or to take it in a siege.

While they are not the only thing that can get you noticed in Humankind, their presence is nonetheless significant. The Congress of Humankind has done its best to give them a role in the base game.

While the Independent People in HUMANKIND may not be as impressive as those in Civilization, they are an important aspect of the game. They can be hired as mercenaries, they can sign Treaties, and they can influence the world through their Ideology. With enough money and influence, you can take advantage of their services and even hire them to create a City for you.

Although the Independent People are not the only ones that can be hired in the game, they are certainly the most important. As the game progresses, you will be able to hire more and more Independent People, and they can help you in other ways.