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The Story of Glenny the Turkey

For months, Glenny the wild turkey has become a recognizable figure in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. People flocked to see him standing stoically along Black Horse Pike and shared pictures of him on Facebook groups like Haddon Heights Turkey Talk.

He even won over local politicians, who wanted to move him to a sanctuary in Atlantic County that protects wild animals. On Wednesday morning though, state wildlife officials took him away and “humanely euthanized” him due to his contact with domestic birds and potential disease risk to native species, according to Laurie Zaleski of Funny Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Glenny is the son of William and Geraldine Glenny, who lived on their rural farm west of Rockford. He attended Northwestern University where he studied Bible and biblical languages before earning his doctorate in Old Testament studies.

His academic interests lie in the Septuagint (the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible). He has published numerous books and articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as being awarded many awards such as the J. Edwin Hartill Professorship at Northwestern University, which is chosen by faculty members after consulting an external reviewer.

The award recognizes his distinguished scholarship in Biblical and Theological Studies, both Old Testament and New Testament, as well as his longstanding service to his institution and church. Furthermore, he is a renowned teacher renowned for his ability to explain the Bible clearly and understandably even to non-specialists.

He has earned numerous prestigious awards, such as the J. Edwin Hartill professorship in B&TS Department at Northwestern, a teaching award from his alma mater, and several honorary doctorates. After teaching for two decades at Northwestern, he has authored numerous books and articles on both Old Testament and New Testament topics.