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Sky Children Of The Light Traveling Spirit

Sky: Children of the Light Game Review

Sky: Children of the Light is a soaring adventure that allows players to soar with their friends on a journey through seven realms where compassion, wonder and community greet them at every turn. Collaborate to spread light and create enriching memories in this socially immersive game from thatgamecompany, the developers of Journey!

Free Trapped Spirits — Your First Goal

In Sky, your primary mission is to rescue trapped Spirits and return them to the light. They will then reappear in the Social Area, where you can interact with them and show how much they mean to you. They will give you a number of offerings to thank you for your help, and they’ll teach you unique expressions that you can add to your character and your collection!

Winged Light — Cape Upgrades

In order to fly, you need to collect “Winged Lights” which can be found in each of the seven realms. They will increase your cape power and allow you to soar for longer periods of time.

The more Winged Lights you collect, the higher your cape will rise. You can find them scattered throughout each realm and they’ll also be found at certain locations around the world.

Spirits — Affection and Friendship

To build meaningful friendships with the spirits you meet, you’ll need to interact with them in the Social Area. The more you interact, the stronger your bond will be with them. You’ll be able to receive Hearts from these spirits, which can then be used for purchases such as expression upgrades and cosmetics.

Seasonal Events — Holidays and Special Occasions

Every season in Sky features a new collection of spirits to explore and collect. They’ll offer unique expressions and collectibles that will make your characters stand out, and you can unlock them all with an Adventure Pass.

Traveling Spirits — Past Seasons

Each week, Spirits from a previous season will appear in the Social Area for a limited period of time, just in case you missed them during their initial debut. These Traveling Spirits won’t appear again until the next full Season has passed, so be sure to catch them while they’re here!

They’ll arrive Thursday 00:00 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7 during Daylight Saving Time) and leave the following Sunday at 23:59 PST/UTC-8 (PDT/UTC-7). The countdown is displayed when interacting with them.

Adding a New Form of Love to Your Friend’s Cape

In Sky, you can use the Call or Chirp action to speak to a friend and tell them that you need their assistance with a certain task. This is particularly useful when you’re stuck on a puzzle or need a friend to open the door for you.

This is an excellent way to boost your friends’ level and give them the items they need to get ahead. The best part is, you can do this without spending any of your own Candles!

The challenge will run until the end of January 2023, and we’ll be awarding prizes! Enter by posting a screenshot of your own Sky character in the hashtag #SkyDaysOfLove23.