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Top States To Start A Family In

Top 5 States To Start A Family In

How do you judge what makes a suitable location to build your home in? How do you tell, when you go to view a house, that you are buying into a good neighborhood? That is the question faced by countless young couples every year, seeking to buy their own home. Asides from camping out in the street overnight or staging a stake out, you can turn to the internet for advice. As always, the internet provides.

What Are The Best States To Settle Down In?

Researching what the best states to buy a family home in is a logical way to find the one you wish to settle down in. If you dream of the pitter-patter of tiny feet in your house, then try property searches in these top states, as voted for by the internet.

1 – North Carolina

Home to the wonderful beaches of the Coastal Plain, NC features the Appalachian Mountains. If you want the rugged country lifestyle that country and western songs are written about, then buying real estate in North Carolina is the top option for you. Great choices for family living include Asheville, Hickory, and Raleigh. Mild weather, a booming economy, and excellent school systems are all fantastic reasons to start your family in North Carolina.

2 – Nebraska

If you genuinely love that rugged outdoor life, then Nebraska is the ultimate rugged outdoor location. In Nebraska you have the nicest neighbors on the planet. It is cooler than North Carolina but only in terms of temperature. They have great schools, but childcare costs are high. Nevertheless, Nebraska come 23rd in line of cheapest places in the US to live overall. Towns like Lincoln, Chadron and Omaha are suitable for rearing children.

3 – Vermont

When starting a family, safety is high on the list of priorities. You don’t want to move to a state which has routine mass shootings or ranks high in everyday criminal activity. If safety is your main concern, then Vermont is the state you ought to raise your children in. Vermont is safer than other states, with nearly half of the population college educated or above. Between the valleys and the mountains, Vermont is a perfect state to have a child in.

4 –Mississippi

At number 4, Mississippi represents the best state to raise a family on a budget. If you don’t know how you will cope with the financial burden of surprise twins or a new family member, then Mississippi is the best state for you. The cost of living here is cheapest of all states. Mississippi’s cost of living index is 86.1. That is an incredible score for those living wage to wage.

5 – Missouri

If you want a family home that comes with both small town living and a generous budget, then Missouri is best for you. Missouri towns don’t tend to be large. Locals vote the best places to raise your family in this state as Maryville, Harrisonville, and Kansas City. There are cultured cities or small towns, farms, or villages to live in here. The world is your oyster in Missouri.